Bangor Y Mens Basketball League Standings and Schedule

League Standings As of Feb 2, 2013

Teams……………Won Lost Pct. GB
Results…………..3 0 1.000 –
Radigan Mechanical…2 0 1.000 1/2
Kenny Sting……….1 0 1.000 1
Old Town Canoe…….2 1 .667 1
Green Team………..1 1 .500 1 1/2
Pour House………..1 2 .333 2
CSU Bangor………..1 2 .333 2
Swagger House……..0 2 .000 2 1/2
Penobscot Job Corp…0 3 .000 2 1/2

Bangor Y Mens League Basketball Remainder of League Schedule

Sunday, Feb 3
10:30am Results vs. Kenny Sting
11:30am Old Town Canoe vs. Green Team
12:30pm Pour House vs. Kenny Sting
1:30pm Job Corps vs. Radigan Mechanical
2:30pm CSU Bangor vs. Swagger House

Wednesday, Feb. 6
5:15pm Results vs. CSU Bangor
6:15pm Green Team vs. Radigan Mechanical
7:15pm Job Corps vs. Swagger House
8:15pm Old Town Canoe vs. Kenny Sting

Sunday, Feb. 10
3:30pm Pour House vs. Swagger House
4:30pm Radigan Mechanical vs. Results
5:30pm CSU Bangor vs. Kenny Sting
6:30pm Green Team vs. Job Corp
7:30pm Old Town Canoe vs. Job Corps

Wednesday, February 13
5:15pm CSU-Bangor vs. Radigan Mechanical
6:15pm Green Team vs. Pour House
7:15pm OLd Town Canoe vs. Swagger House
8:15pm Results vs. Kenny Sting

Sunday, February 17
3:30pm Radigan Mechanical vs. Pour House
4:30pm Old Town vs. Green Team
5:30pm Swagger House vs. Kenny Sting
6:30pm Job Corps vs. CSU Bangor
7:30pm Swagger House vs. Green Team

Wednesday, February 20
5:15pm CSU Bangor vs. Green Team
6:15pm Old Town Canoe vs. Results
7:15pm Radigan Mechanical vs. Kenny Sting
8:15pm Job Corps vs. Pour House

Sunday, February 24
3:30pm Pour House vs. Results
4:30pm Green Team vs. Kenny Sting
5:30pm Results vs. Swagger House
6:30pm Radigan Mechanical vs. Old Town Canoe
7:30pm Job Corps vs. Swagger House

Wednesday, February 27
6:00pm CSU vs. Results
7:00pm Pour House vs. Green Team
8:00pm Radigan Mechanical vs. Kenny Sting

Single Tournament Schedule
Sunday, March 3
3:30pm Game 1 8th vs. 9th
4:30pm Game 2 4th vs. 5th
5:30pm Game 3 2nd vs. 3rd
6:30pm Game 4 3rd vs. 6th
7:30pm Game 5 lst vs. Winner of 8th-9th

Monday, March 4
5:15pm Game 6 Loser of 8-9 vs. Loser of 4-5
6:15pm Game 7 Loser of 2-7 vs, loser of 3-6
7:15pm Game 8 winner of lst-8-9 vs. winner of 4-5
8:15pm Game 9 winner of 2-7 vs. winner of 3-6

Wednesday, March 6
7:00pm Game 10 Championship Game