UMaine Mens Basketball Statistics Tell the Story

The old adage, “Figures don’t lie” might apply to the UMaine Mens Basketball Team.

After their disappointing 8 for 24 from the foul line in their 10 point 79-69 loss to Stonybrook taking a look at the Team Statistics for their 7-12, 19 game record tells the same old story.

They just cannot be consistent in their shooting skills. The only consistency that they have shown is that “they are consisitently inconsistent”.

Winning teams, especially at the D1 level need to do three things consistently.
1. Shoot better than 70 percent from the foul line. Maine is 64.3%
2. Average 12 or less turnovers. Maine averages 18
3. Commit less then 12 personal fouls ( 6 per half). While Maine averages 20 per game.

Maine did improve their 3 point shooting percentage up to 27.8% after they made 9 for 27 for 33% in their loss to Stonybrook. Zarko V was 7-12 and the rest of the team was 2 for 15.

Maine is averaging just over 40% from the floor and are averaging 47% on their 2 point shooting.

Maybe they should reduce their 3 attempts unless they are wide open.

They can get wide open three’s if the would go inside first on entry passes to the low post then go outside on the double downs.

But to do that they have to have a half-court offensive scheme that provides the proper spacing so that when Fraser gets double teamed in the low post he can hit the open man whose man left him wide open in order to double down.

Also, the offensive spacing has got to allow for backdoors for overplay and for cuts to the hoop if the offensive player who is open because if his defender double downs and the offensive player is not a good 3 point shooter so that he can get wide open layups.

Maine’s shooting stats and assists which they afre averaging 12 per game. turnovers and personasl fouls are not good for a high school team let alone a college D1 team.

Maine has as much talent as Albany, Stonybrook or Vermont. After all Maine beat Vermont (without Vermont’s Best Player out injured) at home and Vermont beat Stonybrook. Albany beat Maine. and Vermont beat Albany. And oh yes, Maine lost to Binghamton at home in the PIt which is their practice facility.

Right now it looks like Vermont, Stonybrook and Albany will battle for the first 3 spots, Hartford and Maine will battle for 4th and 5th place and UNH, UMBC and Binghamton will settle for the last 3 spots in the AE Tournament Seedings.

Maine is 3-5 in conference play and have UNH at home this week then they will have finished their first half of the conference schedule.

Their schedule does not favor them as they have Stonybrook, Albany and Hartford at home and Binghamton, BU, UNH, Albany, UMBC and Vermont on the Road.