Answer to Week of 1/27-2/2/13 You Make the Call

A1 is taking the ball out of bounds on the endline. B1 reaches across the plain with his/her hands before the ball is released by A1/,

Official issues a delay warning to Team B by telling the scorer to record the delay in the scorebook and then tells the Coach of Team B about the delay ruling.

3 minutes later B1 knocks the ball away after his/her team has scored delaying the game.

Official rules that this is a technical foul.

Is the official correct? Yes

There are four separate delay warnings in high school basketball. 1. Reaching across the end line without touching the ball until the ball is out of the throwerin releases the ball. tapping the ball away after your team scores a basket, water on the floor after a timeout and

Once a team is warned for delaying anu=y of the 4 delays then a technical foul is called whnever the game is delayed by a team after a delay warning.