Should Exhibtion Games Count Towards 1000 or 2000 point scorers

Alot of posts on MBR have been about whether or not exhibtion games should be included along with MPA regular season 18 games and post season maximum of 5 (including a prelim game) for a total of 23 maximum games per season.

This really doesn’t matter as there is no official list of 1000 or 2000 point scorers that is approved by the MPA or the Maine Assocation of Basketball Coaches.

I only counted the regular season mpa games and post season games which means the most that a player could play in a four year career is 92, 4 times 23 (18 regular season, 1 prelim, 3 Tourney Games, and 1 State Final each year.

Back in the 50’s 1000 point scorers were never recognized in High School or College. In fact, I know of a college player who was the first player ever score 1000 points for his school and he nor anybody else even knew that it happened until after the season was over and they added up all his stats for the 2 previous seasons and the one he had just completed.

Schools can count what they want to. “Different Strokes for Different Folks”.

Scoring a thousand points is overrated as far as I am concerned, I am more interested in State Championships and Team awards then I am individual awards.

Now if they kept track of assists then that would interest me.

This same college player averaged 27 points a game for his career, 14 rebounds per game and 8 assists and that was without the 3 point line and the clock running on everything except when the whistle blew for fouls, time outs and jump balls.

This meant the teams only played about 30 actual minutes out of the 40. Today they play 40 total actual minutes in college and in high school they play 32 actual minutes. They only played about 24 actual minutes of basketball in high school.

The rule changed in 1961-62 that stopped the clock for all whistlres for high school and college basketball games.

There is no I in the word team, so I never worried about 1000 point scorers on my teams, although I had a few of them.