2 Weeks Til Prelim Time & 3 Weeks Til Tourney Time

Important games coming up for the high school teams trying to get a first round bye from the prelim games, and for the teams that are going to be in the prelim games it is important to have the home court advantage and it is important for the lower 2/3 teams to even make the prelim round. Because, “if you are not in it you cannot win it”.

So all games are very important to all the teams involved in the heal point chase.

The MPA has gone from the top 8, to 50 percent to 67% to 100% and back to 67% in the percentage of teams in each class in Eastern and Western Maine.

Which is the best, Any of them so long as your team makes the final percentage.

Many people did not like the open tourney of all 100% of the teams making each tournament.

However, the NCAA D1 Tournament is an open tournament except for the Ivy League and a couple of other conferences, as the winner of each conference tournament gets an automatic “Big Dance Bid”.

The first place regular season champion has to hope to get an at-large bid if they do not win their conference tourney.

The teams that get a bye and do not have to play a prelim game in high school have an advantage as they can go scout the game to see who they are going to play in their quarter-final game and if they happen to play on Friday or Saturday of the same week of the prelims the winner has only a few days to get ready for the bye team.

In fact, if you are an Eastern B Boys Team and you play on Friday Nite you have just one day to get ready.