UMaine Men Shoot 33% from Foul Line and Lose to Stonybrook 79-69.

Maine shoots 33% from 3 point land on 9 of 27 and 33% from the foul line on 8-24 and lose to Stonybrook on the Road 69-59 to drop to 3-4 in AE Conference Play.

How can a team make 9 of 27 from 3 point line which is 20 feet 9 inches fron the middle of the basket with a defense guarding you somewhat and only make 8 of 24 from the foul line which is only 13’9 inches from the middle of the basket with nobody guarding you and with 10 seconds in which to shoot.

Well that was the case as Zarko Vazarevic was 7 for 12 for 58% and Justin Edwards was 4 for 14 from the foul line for 29%.

Maine shot as a team 26 for 65 from the floor for 40% and SB was 27 for 60 for 45%.

Maine was 9 for 27 from 3 point land for 33% and SB was 7 for 17 for 41%.

SB shot 18 for 28 from the line for 64% and that was the difference in the game…..the free throw stripe.

Maine had 14 Assists and SB had 15.

Maine committed 21 turnovers and SB 11.

Maine committed 29 fouls and SB 17.

SB had four players in double figures with McAlister leading the way with 22 ppoints, followed by Brenton with 15, Coiley with 13 and Judkins with 10.

For Maine Edwards had Zarko V. had 21 and Edwards had 19 despite missing 10 foul shots.

Disapointing loss for the Black Bears as Stonybrook is all alone in first place today after Vermont beat Albany.