Why Didn’t Maine and Binghamton Play a Saturday Basketball Doubleheader In “The Pit”.

In todays tough budget economy please tell me why Maine and Binghamton did not play a doubleheader on Saturday in the Pit? Instead they played a single game at “the pit” for the men on Saturday and a single game for the Women on Sunday at Alfond. Both games were at 2:00pm with the womens game being Teleivised.

If they had played a game in the afternoon at 12:00pm and then the other game at 3:00pm at the Pit they could have charged two admissions and still had the Hockey Game in the evening on Saturday at7:00pm without any scheduling conflicts.

Maine could have promoted it as a triple header and given fans a break if they bought a lower cost ticket pass for all three gamnes. Maybe they would have drawn better for all 3 games.

That way Maine would have saved $6000 dollars to take up the hockey rink and setup the basketball court for $3000 and then take up the basketball setup for the next hockey practice for another $3000 cost.

Also, Binghamton could have cut their transportation and meals costs if they had traveled together with the Men’s Team.

In fact, I do not understand why the AAmerica east Conference does not have all of the basketball games as split admission double headers instead of having one tema play at home and the other go on the road against the same opponents.

They could cut their road game expenses in half and Maine could cut their setup costs for basketball in half, if they played doubleheader home games.

Oh well. just the ramblings of an old athletic adminstrator and coach.