Week of 1/20-26/13 Basketball Joke of the Week

A veteran head college coach of 40 plus years is playing on the road and his team is down by 25 and playing very poorly. The ref makes a call that the coach disagrees with so much in fact that he runs onto the court about 40 feet and stands behind the referee who does not see him until he turns around.

The ref says” what are you doing here coach”?

The coach replies “I disagree with that call and I am so frustrated with my teams play I just lost it and also says hit me with the big T as I deserve it”

The ref says, ” that is true , but I understand your frustration and I will give you a chance to avoid the technical foul”.

The coach says, “Really”.

The ref says “why yes and here is the deal”.

“How far do you think you are from the coaching box”?

“The coach says oh about 40 feet”.

The ref says, “I tell you what coach. If you can get jump back to the bench without either foot touching the floor from here there will be no technical foul”.

The coach thought for a minute and said, I can’t fo that”. The ref says, ” well it will be a technical foul then”.

The coach says, you mean if I can get back to my coaching box without either foot touching the floor I can avoid a technical foul”?

The ref smiles slyly and says, “that is the deal”.

The coach thought for another second and quickly called two of his players over and they carried him off the court without either foot hitting the playing surface.

The Ref says to te coach. “You out foxed me you sly old fox, there will be no techncial foul.