Comparing UMaine Mens and Womens Basketball Teams Statistics

    The Maine Men team stands at 7-10 and 2-2 in Americ L’east Conference play, while the women stand at 1-15 overall and are winless in conference play.

    Let’s compare their team stats so far this season.

    The Men are shooting 43.5% from the floor and the Women are at 34.9%.

    The Men are shooting 25.6% from beyond the 3 point line and the women are at 25.3%.

    The men are shooting 62.4 from the foul line and the Women are at 63.5%.

    Percentages for 2 point fg% have the men at 50% and the women at 40%.

    IN assists the men are averaging 15. 1 and the women 12.5 per game.

    Turnovers have both over 20 per game, the men at 20.2 and the women at 23.7.

    In personel fouls the men are averaging 22.0 and the women 18.2 per game.

    The men have 3 players averaging double figures and the women have none.

    Both teams have got to cut down on turnovers and personel fouls and improve both their foul shooting and 3 point shooting percentages.

    They should average no more than 12 personal fouls each game preferably 6 per half and average 12 or under turnovers per game and they should shoot 75% from the foul line.