Answer to 1/13-19/13 You Make the Call

A 1 is dribbling up the right sidelines close to the out of bounds line, near the division line at mid-court. B1 sees A1 approaching and stands waiting for the dribbler to run into him. However, B1 has one foot in bounds and one foot on the sideline.

A1 collides with B1 who was there before A1 got there. Official rules this a player control foul.

Is the official correct?

The official is not correct. The defender B1 does not have a legal hguarding position because one foot is on the oiut of bounds line, Thus it is an automatic block on the defender, even though A1 initiated the contact.

To be in legal guarding position the defender has to have established a position facing the offensive player and have both feet on the floor in bounds.