Only 4 weeks Remaining of High School Basketball Regular Season

“My how time flys when you are having fun”

The Maine High School Basketball scence is over halfway finished with just 4 weeks left in the 9 week and 9 weekend regular season schecule.

Basketball sure helps make the winter seem to go faster.

Regular season ends on Thursday, Februart 7 with makeup day the next day on Friday, Feb. 8.

3 weeks of Pre-season started Monday November 19th and opening nite was Friday December 7.

Regular season is 9 weeks.

Prelims are on Tuesday and Wednesdsy of the following week and the tournament starts on Friday of that week.

Now that the A tournament is held the same week as the B C and D tournies all the state games will be over on the first weekend in March, March 2 and 3.

Actually the basketball season is 12 weeks (3 weeks of pre-season) for teams that do not qualify for the prelims or tournament.

It lasts 12 weeks and 2 or 3 days if a team loses in the prelim round and it is 12 weeks and 6 or 7 dats if a team loses on the first Friday or Saturday of the Tournaments.

For teams that lose during the week of the tournaments it is a 14 week plus scenario and if you get to the states it is a 15 week season.

Teams that do not qualify for post season play or get eliminated in the prelim rounds or on the first weekend of the tournaments have 1 more week of play allowed thru to Friday of Tournament week.

The better teans get to play longer while the teams that do not move on usually stop their season.

Also, if your team makes the prelims and your team does not win a state championship then your season ends with a loss.

Then it will be on to March, April, May and June AAU, MBR, Mainre Hoops MAC and YBOA basketball.