1/6-1/12/13 Player Tip of the Week

All players should knowe the shooting touch of their teammates on 3 point shot attempts.

What I mean by that what the ball does after itr hits the rim on their teammates shots.

This is important because if they bounce far away from the basket then there is no sense going to the offensive board on 3 point attempts as the misses will bounce away from the basket.

If their teammates shot stays around the rim on 3 point attempyts then it is OK to crash the boards for an offensive rebound.

Watch your teammates shoot 3 pointers to find out what type of a shooting touvch they have on missed 3 point attempts. Do they throw up “bricks” that bounce far off the rim or do they get “Garbage” (The ball hangs around the rim with a chance to go in on a missed 3 point or any shot for that matter).

Watch your teammates learn their shooting touches it will help you to know when to or not to go to the offensive boards for rebounds.

“Bricks” start the other teams fastbreak and also does not allow you any chance for offensive rebounds.

“Garbage” lets you grt to the offensive boards because the ball stays around the basket and does not bounce far away.