BU at UMaine Men Tonight as America L’east Conference Play Opens

Maine entertains the BU Terriers at Alfond Arena tonight at 7:00pm.

Maine is 4-8 in D1 non conference play while BU is also below .500 in non-conference play at 6-7.

Maine has two game win streak with back to back wins over Florida Gulf Coast at home and Quinnipac on the road.

Maine has played well at home winning 3 of their 4 wins at Alfond.

Maine will have to improve in two important areas. First they have got to shoot over 33% from beyond the arc if they shoot alot of 3 point attempts and reduce their pesonal fouls to 15 instead of the 20 plus they have averaged for their 12 games.

Both teams are capable of winning this game.

Comaring some stats: Maine is shooting 39% from the Field and BU is shooting 42%. Maine is 25.8 from 3 point land and BU is 33.5%. Maine shoots 68% from the line and BU 71.4%.

So shooting stats are fairly close.

Each team has 3 players averaging double figures.

Theb only common opponents are Northeasstern who Maine beat and BU lost to and Quinnipac which each won Maine by 5 and BU by 7.

Realtimerpi.com ratings have Maine at 287 in their SOS while BU is at 195.

Maines RPI is 259 and BU’s is 191

Maine’s power rating is 266 and BU’s is 188.

On paper BU probably is the favorite, but the game is not played on paper.

Prediction, Maine should win this game as it is home and they are 3-1 at home if they reduce their fouling to 15 or less personal fouls and shoot over 33% from 3 point land.

However, usually the team that shoots 75% from the line. commits less than 7 fouls per half and commit less than 12 turnovers should win this game.