Why Do Teams That Are Ahead Keep Fouling?

Having watched wello over 100 games this season so far and many thousands over the years, I have a question.

Why do teams that are ahead, especially with double digit leads keep on fouling?

Usually the way a team that is down by double digits gets back into the game is at the foul line with the clock stopped.

The only reasons I can think of is that the teams that foul with a big lead are not well disciplined enough to stop fouling.

You will constantly hear coaches of these teams yelling “don’t foul”.

Here are a few ways to eliminate this problem.

1. Tell your players that if they foul they are coming right out of the game and will not get back in until the next player on your team commits a personal foul.

2. Also, have a column on your mistake chart that reads, “Foolish Foul by a Foolish Player”.

3. Make the defensive players guarding a player without the ball have their hands behind themn grasped together at a wrist. When the player they are guarding gets the ball then they can use their hands and as soon as the player gets rid of the ball, hands go behind their backs again.

On entry passes to the post the defender can use their hands guarding a post player without the ball as soon as the pass is in the air to the post player.

I have used all of these techniques in actual games and they work, or even just the threat of using them works sometimes.

Catch a player not having their hands behind their back, then substitute for them immediately and tell them they will get back in when somebody else doesn’t have their hands behind their backs. Hands behind the back makes them move their feet and they cannot reach.

Most of these types of fouls are reaching fouls and if “a player reaches, the refs will teach”, by calling a foul.

Get those players to move their feet, not reach when playing or guarding a player with the ball.