Which UMaine BB Team will Get to 30% First for 3 Point Shooting Percentage

Both the Umaine Mens and womens basketball teams are shooting below 30% for the year in 12 games.

Which one will get to 30% first.

The women lead at 26.5% averaging 5.6 for 21.5 while the men are close behind at 25.8% on 5.3 for 20.8 per game. This does not include the game against D3 Fisher.

Improving their 3 point percentages will be very important to both teams as they enter America L’east Conference play next month if they are to be succesful in conference play.

The men have a better chance of getting to 30% first because they have a legitimate bug post player in Fraser and if they get him the ball and force double times they should get better looks then the women as they do not have an real adequate inside player.