Maine Women Finally Break 50 points but Lose to Townson 69-64

The UMaine Womens team finally broke 50 points today after 3 gamnes of not reaching 50 with offensive outputs that were really offensive 40-38 and 34 points. They are now 1=11 so far this season.

Today they hit 64 points on 26 of 66 from the floor for 39.4%, but were a dreadful 4 for 17 for 23.5% and 8-12 from the line for 66.7%.

Townson on the other hand only made 21 field goals on 53battempts fpr 39.6%, made 6 of 13 3 pointers for 46.2% and were miserable from the line, but won it at the line on 21 of 36 foul shots for 58.3%

Maine did have 17 assists to Townson’s 11, Maine made 20 turnovers to Townson’s 21, but Maine lost this game at the foul line committing 25 personal fouls to 14 for Townson.

Maine outscored Townson by 5 field goals and still lost the game at the foul line even though Townson shot only 21 of 36 from the line.

However, scoring 64 points was a welcome sign offensively since there last three games of 40 or below.

The women have the same foul laden disease that the men have. You just cannot committ as many personal fouls and send your opponents to the line as many times as has happened in each of the last games for both the mens and womens team.

You want your team to be aggressive. but committing over 20 personal fouls in a game is not a good formula for a win, although the Men got by with it Yesterday in their win over Quinnipac.

Maybe they should instill, if you commit a foolish foul then you come out of the game until the next foolish foul is committed.

We used to have a column in our mistake chart that the heading of “Foolish Foul by a Foolish Player”. The players did not like that stat at all… “MOVE YOUR FEET….”If you reach the refs will teach”.