12/30/12-1/5/13 Coaches Tip of the Week

What do you do if you are down 10 or more points going into the 4th period and your full court pressure defense is not working and you are giving up, too many easy shots and not getting the turnovers you want to get.

Try this. Go zone and see if the other team will settle for taking outside shots. We used to do this and many times teams would bite and shoot us right back into the game.

They would settle for perimeter shots, stop penetrating from their man offense. Also, when they have got you on the ropes, they get a little greedy and want to try to bury you by 20 plus.

Next time you find your team in thisn situation, try this, you have nothing to lose, especially if your pressure is not working or you are fouling to much.

Also, offensively go to the basket off the dribble and try to get to the foul line. This is really where you can cut into a lead, with the clock stopped.