Maine Women Need to Hire a Shooting Consultant, Here are Some Questions that Need to be Answered!

The Maine Women’s Basketball team have got to find different ways to score points. They have socred 38, 40 and a season low 34 in their last three games. all of course being losses as they lost Yesterday to James Madison 88-34.

Maybe they need some outside help, like hiring a shooting consultant.

Teams shooting as poorly as they are have got to be making some very basic shooting techniques mistakes.


1. What are they aiming at as a target when shooting?
2. Are they getting any “shooting garbage”? Shooting garbage is when the ball hits the rim softly and has a chgance to go in.
3. If they are not getting an “Garbage, they probablty aren not getting enough legs into the shot.
4. On the foul line, do they have a shooting ritual?
5. Are the perfectly square to the basket on foul shots”
6. Do they try to get square on field goal attempts”
7. Do they have a space between the pads of their hands and the ball when shooting? There shouldn’t be any space, as you cannot get the proper backspin.
8. Do they bounce the ball when they are shooting foul shots?
9. On field goal attempts. Do they have their feet squared to the basket?
10. When receiving a perimeter pass do they catch the ball in the shooting position when they want to start their shot?