How to Get Teams To Stop Excessive Fouling

After seeing a game that had more fouls (fowls) then there are in a hen house, it would have been better if the refs had got paid by the fouls instead of a flat game fee.

Both Teams were in the penalty bonus in each half which means they had 10 fouls or more in each half for each team.

I felt bad for the refs as the teams kept fouling and the refs had to keep calling the fouls.

There had to have been over 50 plus fouls in the game.

There was no flow to the game and the team that was ahead let the other team back into the game by keeping fouling and the other team cut the margin with the clock stopped by making their foul shots.

Games like this are no fun to watch, officiate, play or coach.

Coaches could stop this by telling their players if you foul unless it is on rebounding or a hustle play then the fouling player will be taken out of the game until the next player on his team fouls. This will slow down the fouling. I used to use this and it was very effective oin getting players to stop fouling instead of going into a zone.

It is doesn’t make any basketball sense for a coach to let his team foul especially when they have a double figure lead during the fourth period.