Veteran Coaches Lead Unbeaten Boys Eastern C Teams

Class C looks like it might be the best of the 4 classes for Eastern Maine Tournaments with Penquis, Calais, Houlton and Lee Academy all still in the unbeaten ranks.

All have veteran coaches except Houlton. In fact, Leeman of Calais, Harris of Lee and Hamlin of Penquis have all won Class C State Championships.

Probably all four will go in as seeds 1 2 3 or 4 as they are now, but probably a shuffling of positions.

These final positions will probably be determined by who wins the games between these teams if they play each other. I knew Lee and Penquis play, but am not sure about the others meeting in the regular season.

My pick will wait until the season progresses further, but I do know that Leeman gets as much out his players for the talent on hand as any coach in the state.

They may have the less talent of the four teams.

Hamlin is a veteran coach having won State Championships in Class A South Portland before moving on to his Alma Mata.

Randy Harris has been consistent over the years and with the talent available once they jell they will be tough.

Moran the Houlton coach is in just his 2nd year at the helm at Houlton after a stint at Hodgdon, but certainly has a young talented team this season and remember they took Penquis into overtime in the tournament last year before losing.

Coaching could well be the major factor in the success of any of these 4 teams.

In fact, C may have more successful coaches then any of the total 4 classes in State Championships won.

With Roger Reed gone from Bangor, other than Mike McGee of Lawrence aand Russ Bartleet of Hampden, no other current Eastern Class A coach has won a state championship.

In Eastern Class B no coach currently coaching has won a state championship since 1993 except Jeff Hart’s great success at Camden Hills.

In class D the most successful current coach has been Coach Brewer at Cental Aroostook with 3 or 4 State Championships, Gene Billings of DI and Gordon Faulkingham of Jonesport Beals each have won one.