Blog Trivia Basketball 10 Questions

1. Without looking it up. What Team won the first Class L (Now A) Eastern Maine Tournament held in the Bangor Auditorium?

2. What two organizations have held their event(s) every year at the Bangor Auditorium since it opened in 1955-56?

3. Where was the Class L (Now A) Eastern Maine Tourney played before 1955-56?

4. Where was the Class M and S Eastern Manie Tournaments held before the Bangor Auditorium opened up in 1955-56?

5. Where were they held before answer to question 4?

6. What was the biggest crowd to ever watch a high school game at the Bangor Auditorium in its 56 years so far?

7. What coach has coached the most games in the Bangor Auditorium during the regular season and Tournaments combined?

8. Has the Bangor Auditorium ever been regulation college sized 94′ by 50′?

9. Who played in the first basketball game in the Bangor Auditorium?

10. What year did Bangor High school stop playing its home games in the Bangor Auditorium?