Maybe It’s Time To Give Bangor’s Jon McAllian a Real Shot at UMaine???????????

John McAllian, former Bangor High Star, has been involved with the UMaine Mens Program for 5 years. One as a frosh red shirt and the past 3 seasons as a non starter who got hardly any playing time.

After Pete Warners story about Jon in the BDN I would like to put my two cents worth in. Funny, I have had this Blog on draft for at least a week. Evidently Pete and I think alike.

Jo deserves some positive recognition. Although, Pete didn’t touch the playing time issue as much as I am going to do.

His article on Jon was excellent and revealed a different side of a D1 bassketball player.

This season he has got a little more playing time, but he has not been given a fair chance to show what he really can do in games, this season or any other season for that matter.

He is averaging only 7.6 minutes per game this season so far.

He has been a good team player and is really the best fundamentally sound 3 point perimeter player that UMaine has currently on its roster.

With Maine trying to find a legitimate 3 point threat, McAllian could be the answer if he gets the needed playing time.

He has good range and is 6’6″ and can shoot over smaller defenders.

Maine shooting just 24% from beyond the arc on 46 of 187, needs someone very badly that can shoot in the 40% range and knowing John as I do as a 3 point shooter, I feel he might be able to do this job if given a chance.

Maine has nothing to lose in really giving him a chance as he is the lone 4 year senior on the team that has stuck with it for his career. The only other senior is Mike Allison who is a 3 year Varsity senior.

McAllian was an outstanding 3 point shooter in high school and in AAU play in Maine and at the Nationals in Florida when he was recruited by UMaine for his 3 point shooting ability.

Just because he is from Maine, doesn’t mean he isn’t as good a 3 point shooter as any other Maine starter..

Jon has stuck loyally to the program thru the four tough and rough seasons especially when he has not been really given a chance during his career so far.

He really deserves a chance his senior year, especially when he could have easily transferred when he saw that he was going to get little playing time.

I say give him a real chance of 35 minutes for the next non conference game to see what he can do in Maines search for 3 point help…..he certainly can’t shoot any poorer then the other supposedly 3 point shooters for Maine if he really gets a full time opportunity.

It is very tough to come off from the bench and get into a good shooting flow.