Week of 12-23-29/12 Coaches Tip of the Week

Save those timeouts. Don’t waste them on situations where there might be a jump ball. After all loosing the ball on an alternating possession arrow is really no different then a missed shot or a turnover, especially early in the game.

You only get 3 60 second timeouts and 2 of those real short
30 second timeouts.

I usually never let my players call a time out unless they have permission in advance. We used a color system for calling timeouts.

Green…… meant they could call a time out to avoid a violation or a jump ball
Red…….. Meant that they cannot call a timeout for any reason

Time and score was the reason for the color system.

I always wanted to save my timeouts for late game situations and we tried to have 3 timepouts left going into the 4th period.

In the huddle during a timeout by another team or during between periods we called out the color for calling timeouts.