Week of 12-23-29/12 Rule of the Week

Player Control Fouls occur only when a player with the ball commits a foul. They really should be called “Player-out-of-control Fouls” as if the player with the ball charges into a defensive player then the offensive player with the ball is really not in player control of him or her self.

The defensive player once he/she has established hi/her LGP (Legal Guarding Possession) which is with both feet on the floor facing the player with the ball has established his/her LGP. This means the defensive player move sideways, backwards and even jump into the air to defend the player with the ball.

The only way it becomes a block is if the player dribbling the ball gets his head and shoulders by the defesnive player and there is contact or the defensive player moves his/her feet and slides over, once the player with the ball is airborne.