Old Town Boys Solve Orono’s Junk Defense for Big Win

Garret Libby has seen Junk Defenses so far this season and will see them probably for much of the season. Held scoreless in the first quarter vs. the Red Riots he rallied for 28 points for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter.

Orono’s Diamond and one ( 4 man diamond zone and one player guarding a player man to man) worked for the first quarter, but once Old Town solved it they won going away by over 30 points. Old Town moves to 3-1 and that loss was a close overtime loss to PI at home.

Orono still is in search of its first win of the year.

Old Town solved the junk defense with Libby finding teammates open and with his size and ball handling skills he is able too look over the defenses to find open teammates that are open.

Libby, the Big East Player of the Year as a junior last year, is picking up right where he left of last season and will face all kinds of different defenses with opponents trying to slow him down.

Another advantage Libby has is that he has point guard skills and is a trhreat himself but also a threat to make his teammates better as defenses concentrate on trying to slow him down.

This will be a hard task and the more games Old Town faces these junk defenses the more they will get better in solving them.

The theory behind junk defenses is to stop the opponents top scorer and force his teammates beat you.