New Frosh Foreign Players Not Working Out So Well So Far For UMaine BB Teams

The great Foreign Exchange recruiting plan for the JUMaine Mens and Womens Basketball Teams has not worked out as well as it was supposed to have by now with the men at 208 andnthe women at 1-9.

The men have 9 foreign players and the women have 6 on their rosters.

Here are their contributions so far this season:

New Freshmen This Year Mens Team
Per Game Minutes Points

Totals… 46.1….11.7

New Freshmen This Year to Womens Team
Per Game…Minutes.Points


Comparing teams the women are making more of a contribution to their team then the men in minutes played and points per game.

However, neither group have made the contributions that was expected of them by their stated their abilities by their coaches when they signed them last year.

The Men certainly have upperclassmen contributions from Fraser, Edwards and Allison but that was expected, but the 2-8 record wasn’t expected in the non conference games.

The women are a much younger team and much more inexperienced then the men, as Edwards, Fraser and Allison were all starters last year, yet they have won only 1 more game then the women at this date so far.

So which team has been the most disappointing? Obviously it is the men’s teams.