High School Basketball Season Has Four Parts

High School basketball in Maine has four parts or four seasons. We are currnetly in the 2nd part of the season.

The first part is the 3 weeks of preseason in Noivember and early December.

The 2nd part, which they are currently in now is the time between the opening Friday nite of the first Friday in December.

The 3rd part of the season is from After Christmas Vacation until the end of the regular season on the 2nd Thursday of February.

The 4th part and the most important is the post season play which includes prelims games on Tuesday and Wednesday nights of the week before February Vacation. The Tournamentn which starts on the Friday before February vacation and runs until the Saturday of Vacation nandn then the last week of the season the very next week is State Final Week.

Usually teams will have played 4 or 5 games before the Christmas Break, It is that time that teams have to use all that vacation time (possibly double sessions and playing in Holiday Exhibition Games) to make adjustments from the opening games before Christmas Break. Some teams play regular season games during Christmas Break which really does not give them a chance to make many needed adjustments.

Now with the 5 exhibition day rule of the MPA this makes it harder to schedule pre-season games, Christmas Holiday Games and pre-tournament exhibiton games.

However, I do not think it curltail a coach from bringing in former alumni players during the break to practice with your team.

If it was me I would schedule 3 preseason days and play at least two games each day. Then I would schedule no regular season games during the Christmas Break.

I would bring in former alumni players to practice against and would schedule 1-1 day exhibition day late in the Vacation and play 2 games. That would leave me with 1 date left to use for getting ready for the post season.

Making those Adjustments during the Christmas break may be the most important week of the season to turn things around, especially for teams that struggled during the 2nd part of the season the season after pre-season until Christmas Vacation.

The fourth part is the post season whichb runs from