UMaine Men vs. Marist today

UMaine should come away with a victory against Marist as they finish up a two game road trip. Marist is 3-6 and lost to Army by 34 and Maine lost to Army by 38, so on paper it looks like it will or should be close.

Maine is still havimng defensive problems as they have given up 90 plus points in its last two games to Floria State and to Army.

Maine still shooting in the mid 20% for three point shooting.

Still committing way too many personal fouls as they are averaging 21 fouls per game.

till averaging 16 plus turnovers per game and shooting 68% from the line.

They need to reduce the turnovers to less then 12 per game, the fouls to 7 or less per half and shoot 75% from the line if the expect or guarantee to win.