Should Big Individual Scoring Nights Happen????????????????????

We have seen some great individual scoring performances so far this earlt basketball season

Last night we saw an individual player in class D score 53 points by himself.

Great individual performance, but I cannot understand how this could happen. Supposedly the opponents played a box and one on the player too.

I would never let a face the basket player beat me by himself as a coach. If I had to put 2 players on him and play a triangle and 2 then I would do so.

Make the other teams players beat you, but not just one player. You are going to give up other open shots to the players teammates but that is a risk I am willing to take.

In all the years that I coached we never let a face the basket player beat us by himself, we made his teammates beat us.

When a team knows that they are going to play an opponent with a prolific individual face the basket scorer then they should be prepared and practice to stop this situtation.

They should have practices to work on this. Bring in an outstanding former player or a college player or a men’s league player and have him pretend to be the player you will be facing.

This gives your team a chance to prepare for such a situation and will give them more confidence that they can stop the other teams outstanding player and make his teammates try to beat you.

Just a solid coaching tip.