UMaine Men Seeking “Chemistry and UMaine Women seeking “Leadership”..When they should be seeking a shooting coach

Well back to back articles pertaining to the UMaine Mens Basketball program at UMaine on Tuesday and todays article on the Womens Team in the BDN leaves wonder what the coaching staff at UMaine in both basketball programs are getting paid for.

By now it would seem 9 games for the men at 3-6 (counting D3 win over Fisher and UMaine Women 1-9, that these two things should be well established as the teams are almost thru a third of their seasons.

Laying these responsiblilities on the players is known as “passing the buck” as it is the coaches job to develop chemistry and leadership in their teams..

This is done by giving confidence to the players and using positive criticizm, not negative criticizm, using Coach John Wooden’s, “Coaches Best Friend….the bench”, or by dealing out this type of information which makes for good media print, kind of like placing the blame on the players when it is the coaches job to do these things.

After all, these players were recruited by the coaching staffs so they should have known what kind of player/team chemistry and leadership skills each player had or did not have.

It seems the coaching staffs cannot help their players improve their individual shooting skills and techniques. I would suggest that both teams need to hire a shooting consultant to help them both with their poor shooting percentages.

Let’s look at a comparision of the two teams per game % and Averages.
*Includes pad their stats game against D3 Fisher College
*Does not include D3 Fisher College Game

Good Shooting teams should average 48% from the floor, 40% from 3 point line and 75% from the line.

They should also committ less then 7 personel fouls per half of each game and should committ no more than 12 turnovers per game.

Committing more than 12 personal fouls per gamew (6 each half) and committing more then 12 turnovers per game are the results of making very poor basketball decisions.