Old MPA Transfer Rule Really Effected Me as a High School Player

I remembered after I had turned in my “Off the Rim” Column for today, that I had personal transferring experience that went back to the mid 50’s.

We had a player tranfer from a private high school to my public high school team of which I was a team member.

This player did not change domicle, because he was living in the same town as our public high school was located.

This really effected my as a player, because he became a starter and I became the lst man off the bench. He was a junior and I was a senior.

This player also was one of my best friends and he helped us win a state championship and get to play in the New Englands where we finished 3rd place defeating a Connecticut team in the consolation round….Without him starting we probably would not have won the State Championship that year.

Now, back when the old transfer rule was in effect this was the advanage the private high schools had as those transferring to a public high school did not have to sit out a year and aso those transferring to a public high school from a private high school was eligible immediately if they lived in the same community which this player did.

Gee whiz……maybe I should have sued the SPA (State Principals Association then…….because it really wasn’t fair that I lost that starting job to a transfer…..boo hoo………opps that was before the transfer rule change in the 80’s…..Maybe, remembering this subconciouslly is why I am so fired up about changing the transfer rule to help eliminate recruiting. At least back then this player was not recruited by the school or coach……If I remember right it MIGHT have been us players who did that dastardly deed….I just can’t remember…….

Also, getting back to a serious note I do have to questions for the current MPA.

1. Why did you change the original transfer rule to the current transfer rule in the 80’s???????????????

2. Why did you change the recruiting rule from a parent complaint to a fellow member school complaint in order to investigate a supposed recruiting violation??????????????