12/9-15/12 Rule of the Week

Team Control: Teams are in team control once an offensive player has the ball in their possession either holding or dribbling the basketball and then the player with the ball is in player control as well as team control.

Once a team gains possession of the ball, they are in team control regardless of where they are on the court. Their is also team control when the thrower in has the ball and when a player is on the foul line with the ball.

Any personal foul called on any player other then the player with the ball is called for a team control foul. The official will blow the whistle and at the same time raise his/her directly over his/her head with an open hand to signal to stop the clock. Then the offical will entend one are out with a closed fist (which is the signal for a team control foul) and then use the indicate signal of where the ball is to be taken out of bounds by the other team.

Most team control fouls are blocks on players on the offense who do not have the ball. This blocking usually occurs when the offensive player is trying to set a screen away from the ball, (screen on a defensive player who is guarding an offensive player without the ball or on a screen to the ball (Screen on a defensive player guarding an offensive player with the ball).

So no personal fouls on the team with team control or player control at anytime during the game