Maine Women Drop to 1-8 with 51-38 Loss to RI

The UMaine Women scored just 13 first half pointa against RI’s 27 and then went on to outscore Rhody b25 to 24, but lost the wrong half as they fell to 1-8 with a 51-38 loss.

They had a very poor shooting game as they shot just 25% from the floor and 2-16 from “Teaserland” for 12.5%..They must have caught the Maine Mens’ 3 point disease. It must be communicable as the play and practice at the same sites.

However, their floor game was good with only 10 turnovers.

Tough game for Maine supporters at the CCCC.

Maine is 1-8 and only ahead of Binghamton 0-8 in AE standings for non conference games.

UMaine may not be the best college women’s basketball team in the state. There may be a D3 team r two that could make that claim right now the way the Lady Bears are playing.