How to Solve the High School Recruitment Problem!!!!!!!!!!!

Special column on Tuesday, December, 18 in my Weekly Basketball Column, “Off the Rim” in the Bangor Daily News about how to solve the Causes of Athletic Recruiting in Maine High schools.

I base the solutions on my following experience.

1. 40 plus years as a coach and athletic ditrector in Maine
2. 16 years as a high school basketball coach in public high schools
3. 13 years as a high school basketball coach in a private high school
4. 5 years as an athletic director in a public high school
5. 11 years as an athletic director in a private high school

During the 16 years I was involved in the public sector only one time was I ever accused of recruiting and that is when a player from a previous school transfeered to the new school I was coaching at. This player lived in a town where there ewas no high school so his town payed his tuition to the new school. He did this on his own with his pafrents approval.

Hoewever, when I went to the private sector I was accused almost immediately after the school won 3 state championships and 2 Eastern Maine Runnersup and a semi-final appearance in my first 6 years at that school. I was actually accused by some schools in the area that I was recruiting.

When in reality I never recruited, but some of the schools that were actually accusing me of recruiting where actually trying to recruit some of my better players and some incoming freshmen already enrolled in our school.

Based on all of my experiences with recruiting I have a couple of solutions that would solve the problem if the MPA would only install them and enforce them.

Read about it Next Tuesday.