Why High School/College Basketball Players Can’t Dunk in Pre-Game Warmups

The reason that the IAABO Rule Book and the NCAA Rule Book do not allow dunking in pre-game warmups is because of the following 2 reasons:

1. Damage to the Rim or Backboard
2. Injury to players

However, what other team sport is it illegal to do something in pre-game, but is legal to do in a game? None

If teams cannot dunk in warmups then they should not be allowed to dunk in a game or if they are going to be allowed to dunk in a game, then they should be allowed to dunk in pre-game warmups.

It just doesn’t make sense to not allow or disallow in both situations, pre-game warmups and the game itself.

In fact, if a player who has not been allowed to dunk in pre-game should attempt a dunk later in the game and is seriously injured.

I wonder if a good injury lawyer could not sue Rule Makers for the defendant because the player was not allowed to warmup by dunking in pre-game. I can hear the question by the lawyer as he talked to the injured player at the trial.

Players Answer: “NO…..
Lawyer: “WHY NOT?”
PLayer: “Because it is against the rules to dunk in pre-game warmups”…
Lawyer: “Why” ?
Player: “Because the penalty for dunking in pre-game warmups is a technical foul..
Lawyer: What is the penalty for Dunking in pre-game warmups”?…
Player: “Because it is a technical foul and counts as a foul against me and an indirect technical charged to the coach and the coach loses the coaching box……..
Lawyer: I rest my case”.
Jury: Verdict…….Negligence, by not allowing players practice a skill they might use in a game…..Guilty

Dunking for high school players is not an easy skill especially in a game when there are defenders guarding the basket. There is less chance of an injury dunking in ore-game warmups then in the heat of a game.

Dunking should not be allowed in IAABO High school games.

There are too many negatives by allowing dunking: Like:
1. Injuries to players
2. Damage to equipment which could delay or cancel the game
3. Missed dunks when a player could have easily laid the ball in off the backboard for an easy layup.
4. Basket interference when grabbing the rim on a dunk when it is not a safety issue of players being under the basket under the dunker when a player makes or attempts a dunk.

Maybe IAABO and the NCAA should consider changing the dunking rule so that if it is allowed in games it should be allowed in pre-game warmups or make it illegal in both pre-game warmups and games before this situation could possibly happen in the future…An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”……something to think about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!