When High School Basketball Coaches Can Call a Timeout.

Both Teams are allowed 5 time outs in high school basketball: 3 – 60 second timeouts and 2 – 30 second time outs.

The 60 second timeouts many times are called full timeouts by many basketball people. But there is no such thing as a full time out, as officials don’t call a half a full timre out on a 30 second timeout.

Any additional time outs will result in a technical foul.

If a game goes into overtime both teams are allowed an additional 60 second timeout along with any timeouts that they have not yet used in the game.

Coaches may call a time out anytime in the game when the clock is stopped.

They may call a timeout when their team has the ball at their disposal on a throw-in or foul shot.

They may call a time out when their team has the ball which a player dribbling or holding the ball on offense. They cannot call a timeout if a player does not have the ball on while dribbling ot holding the ball. If their is noit player control of the ballm no time outs can be called.

They may call a time out when a basket is scored by their team or the opponents as the ball is dead when a point is scored.