12/2-12/8 Rule Tip of the Week

This season I will be trying to explain the Rule Tip of the Week about rules that I know many fans, parents, players and yes, even coaches do not fully understand.

One thing coaches should probably do during pre-season is to ask a IAABO official in their area to come into practice or a Boosters Special Nite when they introduce their teams and spend an hour of telling their freshmen, JV. Varsity and middle school players and coaches and fans and parents, rules that the officials know that are not fully understood.

After the official makes his/her presentation, then they could answer questions about things that were or were not discussed.

Even though I was an IAABO official since 1968, I always brought in an IAABO Official to go over things each year so as to re-enforce what I have said about rules.

Knowing the rules, so that when they are enforced on the floor, reduces the frustration of all involved and also allows the players to become smarter players which helps threm make better basketball decisions.

Example of a rule that is often misunderstood. A player cannot dribble the ball, fumble the ball and then dribble ball again…that is a double dribble….. but they can fumble, dribble and fumble the ball abd then pick the ball up. This an important rule to know and understand to prevent a turnover.

“You can fumble, dribble, fumble, but you cannot dribble, fumble,dribble.”