Murphy Burnatowski Playing Well at Colgate..Maine’s Loss is Colgates Gain

Canadian Murphy Burnatowski after transferring from maine to Colgate and sitting out last year do to the trasnsfer is doing very well at Colgate. He is the teams leading scorer averaging 16.1 ppg . Colgate is 3-5 in their non conference games and they are out of the Patriot League.

Murphy has also moved up conference wise as Colgate who is in the Patriot League which is ranked 17th by Realtimerpi’s conference power ratings. The America East Conference which Maine plays in is ranked just 23rd. These conference rankings are out of 31 D1 conferences.

In the realtimerpi’s team power ratings Colgate going into todays games was ranked 273 and Maine going into todays game was 278. Both teams lost today.

To bad Colgate is not on Maine’s schedule this year, as it would be an interesting game.

His stats for 7 games ar as follows:

minutes per game: 28.7
Field Goal Shooting 35 forn76…46.1$
3 point shooting 18 for 40 ….45.% Maine is shooting 24.4% as a team from 3 point “teaserland”
foul shooting 23 for 34…73.5% Maimne is shooting below 70% from the line as a team
averaging 16.1 ppg
averaginbg 6.4 rebounds pg

Looks like a great move for him and for Colgate.

Burnatowski was benched the last four games for the regular season 2 years ago which probably lead to his transfer. It was never, to my knowledge, revealed publicly why he was benched. The question is could it be he might never have been told why?

Maine cannot afford to lose players of his caliber. How long before Maine loses another recruited player by way of the transfer?

Also, another publicly unanswered question was why did McLemore not make the trip to play in the quarter-final game of the America East Tournament????????? Was he sick??????????

Socoby, Cook & Boswell all left the team in past seasons.

Why did they leave??????

Many unanswered questions about why excellent players and starters left UMaine Mens Program.

Socoby and Cook were played out of position as Socoby was a point guard not a shooting guard and Cook was a power forward not a back to the basket post player.

McNally was also a power forward not a post player and Bernal was a small forward not a point guard.

It is tough enough to play the position you are built for and experienced at in D1 let alone playing out of position in D1. It is very frustrating to play out of position when you know you are more comfortable and confident playing your natural position.

Maine cannot afford to lose players of the caliber that they have lost and they can’t afford to play players out of position either.

Looks like Murphy’s move was a smart move. Colgates gain was Maine’s loss.

Of all the loses. Burnatowski is the biggest so far..