Answers to How to Improve Motion Offense

Here are the answers to the problems that the Motion Offense has.

1. How to seal the post defender wanting the ball when he/she is open!

There are only four ways a defender can defend the post player. Play on either side (Like 2 pieces of bread with the meat in the middle), in front or play behind.
Post player should take what the defense gives him/her and put their hand up as high as they can to show the passer where he/she wants the ball.

2. How to make sure the wing does not pass the ball to the post player when the post player turns his/her back on the passer to go screen away the opposite post player!

Just have the player on the wing who should have the ball over his/her head with the ball, tap the ball to his head and that is the signal for the post player to go screen away.

3. How to prevent the player looking for the ball from pushing off(fouling) off a pass to him/her when the post player is being frontred by bhis defender!

Just lean slightly against the defender and grab his/her own shirt with the hand that is not showing the passer where he/she wants the ball. Just step away and because the post player is holding his/her own shirt they cannot push off.

4. How to signal the post player to go screen away any teammate when he/she is not open in the post!

Same as number 2

5. How the post player can signal where and when he/she wants the ball in the post from the wing player trying to get the post player the ball!

Post player should have his/her arm extended straight up in the air where he/she wants the ball (depending how the defender is playing him/her) and when he/she wants the ball just wiggle their fingers of the hand extended in the air.

6. How to set up the defender guarding the the post player if he/she is being sem-fronted by his/her defender on the block!

Just have the wing player with the ball fake an overhead pass and then have the post player roll to the basket as the defender reacts to play the fake.

7. How to get the defense to stop switching or playing a 1-2-2 or 3-2 match up zone!

Just have the screener come back to the ball and they will be wide open because of the switch.

8. How to get a new player to the post with just one simple signal!

Same as 2 and 4.

9. How to make one offensive move that will take away the double team on the post player on the block by the other low post player playing behind the post player and the post player’s defender fronting him as the wing with the ball looks to get the ball to the post player on his side of the floor!

As soon as the pass is made from the point guard to the wing, have the opposite side low post player on the opposite block come to the foul line. If his/her defender does not leave the double team to guard him/hwer, then the post player is open at the foul line for a high percentage shot asnd if the defender reacts to leave the double team to guard the player at the foul line then the low post player on the side of the ball is now in one on one coverage.

If the player at the foul line has the ball and his/her defender has left the double team and does not have an open shot then the low post payer on the block just slides into the free throw lane looking for the pass.

This offensive move is probably the most effective way of forcing the defense not to double team the low block player.

These tips will make running MOTION alot more effective in getting the ball to the low post.