11/25-12/1 Rule of the Week

3 seconds in the free throw lane.

The rule is if a player in the free throw lane area receives the ball and three seconds has not been called then the player with the ball has additional time to move towards the basket and make a try for goal……therefore they could be in the free throw lane with the ball for up to 6 plus seconds so long as they end up shooting the ball. However, if they pass the ball out to a teammate or dribble out of the lane then a 3 second violation is immediately called by the official.

I know that players, fans and even coaches do not know this rule……One of the reasons players with the ball at the basket’s crotch miss these layup shots is that they are rushing to get the shot off because they are worried about being called for 3 seconds in the free thrown lane area.

It is also a reason why teams do not go inside with entry passes to the post players in the free throw lane.

3 seconds is counted by officials with a non visual count, by saying 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand and then 3 one thousand. Count that to yourself it is more time then you think.

I always felt if we didn’t get at least 2 free thrown violations in a game then we were not posting up enough.

Players will feel much more comfortable in the 3 second area of the lane if they know this rule and fans, players and coaches won’t be yelling out 3 seconds when the player receives the ball before he is called for 3 seconds and then takes up to 3 extra seconds to get off a shot so long as he /she is moving towards the basket or faking when standing still before they attempt a field goal.