11/25-12/1 Player Tip Of The Week

Foul Shooting Review/

Make sure you have a ritual. Which means do the same thing over and over again on each foul shot.
1. Get squared to the rim as the official reporst the foul. Shooting foot lined up with the middle of the rim and the non shooting foot even with the side of the rim about six inches back from the foul line.
2. Thank official when he.she bouncces the ball to you.
3. Find the same spot on the ball to place your index finger of the shooting hand
4. Pick up the target which should be the dead center of the rim.
5. DO NOT BOUNCE THE BALL AT ANYTIME, this takes your eye of the target
6. All this takes about 3 seconds. Release ball.

The most common mistake of the above siz things are as follows in the order of which they are wrong.

1. Both feet not square
2. Bouncing the ball
3. Not finding the same spot everytime on the foul shot
4. Not aiming at the middle of the basket
5. Not thanking official when receiving the ball
6. Shooting the ball to quickly

These are not physical skills, they are just proper mechanics. Try them, they will improvr your foul shooting.

Next week will take up the proper holding of the ball and the only kinesthenic physical skill of shooting.