11/18-11/24 New Rule of the Week Tip

Because s many players, fans, parents and yes even some coaches do not know some rules that look like they are called wrong by officials during a game, but they are correct, I am going to start a Rule of the Week describing such situations. Todays first one is as follows.
1. Is it team control when A1 has the ball out of bounds for a throw in on either sideline or either endline?
Answer: Ruling. Yes, it is team control and any personal foul on the offense while A1 has the ball at his/her disposal for the throw in
there areno shots evn if the bonus is in effect. All team control fouls are awarded to the team that was fouled at the spot of where the ball is at the time of the foul.

Officials Mechanic
The official will blow his/her whistle, raise his hand with a closed fist and then give the signal for the team control foul by taking his arm with a closed fist and point it in the direction of the the team that was fouled.

The official then will go to the reporting area and give the same informatrion to the official scorer.

This closed fist signal with arm extension (NOT A PUNCHING MOTION JUST AN EXTEMNSION OF THE ARM STRAIGHT WITH A CLOSED FIST,lets you know that it was a team control foul on the offense.