Maine Mens Hoopsters Need a Shot Doctor…. Quick!!!!!!

Seeing this is not a high school basketball Blog I am starting a special for today even though I stated earlier I was starting officially on Nov. 19.

This is an emergency.

The Maine Mens “United Nations” Basketball team need a shot doctor and quick.

In their first two games, losses to Dartmouth and Holy Cross they have shot a woeful 32.2% from the floor on 38 for 118, including 39.5 from the floor on 2 pointers 34 foir 86 which is OK, but their 3 point shooting has been just terrible at 12.5% on 4 for 32.

The one bright spot offensively has been their foul shooting were they are28 for 38 at 73.7%.

Looks like taking two pointers and getting to the foul line has been there most consistent shooting.

However, they are only taking 27.3% of their field goals as 3 point attempts.

They are averaging just 8.5 assists for the two games and 15.5 tournovers per game and have committed 20.5 personal fouls per game.

Let’s see if they can get the third time never fails situation when they entertain Brown from the IVY league this weekend, meaning they get a win and their shooting percentages from the floor improve.