Something All Basketball Players Should Do When They receive a Pass Anywhere on the Court!!!!

Which do you see when a player who catches the ball anywhere on the court? Immediately put the ball down on the floor with a Dribble or Turn their head and face the court ahead of him/her?

In all the games that I ref and watch 80%of the times the player immediately puts the ball down on the floor with a dribble, without turning their head and looking and facing up court.

By doing this the following negative things can happen. 1. Player Control Foul 2. missing an open teammate ahead of them and 3. They are not a threat to pass the ball immediatley.

Players should catch the ball and then turn their head and face the court ahead of them and then they sould pivot and turn the rest of their body. This allows them to read the court.

Also when a player is dribbling the ball they cannot pass or shoot. When a player is dribbling the ball it makes it much easier to defend the other 4 defensive players guarding the players without the ball.

It is much harder to defend players without the ball then it is guarding a player with the ball. More defensive mistakes that lead to scores are made by players who do not have the ball until they make an offensive move, like a give and go cut, a back door cut, a face cut, any cut towards the ball, etc.

There is no help defense guarding a player without the ball then there is when the players without the ball defenders can help out the defensive player who is guarding the ofensive player with the ball if he gets by the defender off the dribble.

An easy way to practrice this by yourself is to just stand with your back to the basket anywhere on the court and toss the ball to yourself like you received a pass….then turn your head and face the court up ahead of you…..then pivot and bring the rest of your body to face up court and then you can dribbble the ball and then stop and repeat the drill.