UMaine Mens Basketball Team Roster Now Has 9 International Players of 13 on Roster for Next Year

The UMaine Mens Basketball Team will have only 4 US Citizens on its Roster as of now of the 13 players on the current roster. With the signing of Gloger from Germany and Mesghna from Germany this brings the international teams flavor to 9 of the 13 players currently on the roster as of now.

We could call them the UMaine International Black Bears or the UMaine United Nations Black Bears. We won’t be getting many relatives or fans at UMaine Home Games this winter to boost attendance at “the Pit”.

Why so many foreign signings and so few in country US signings?

Is it because of Associate Head Coach Leighners International Contacts or is it because US players know of the situation at Maine and are not interested in coming.

Well it should be another interesting season with so many new faces and with Edwards, Fraser and Allison the only starters returning. Maine certainly needs perimeter shooting (3 point), they need more inside size presence and they defintely need a point guard.

Let’s hope that they can find those in the international players they have signed.

If you had to go with the returning players you would have a Edwards and McAllian as wings, Allison on the block with Fraser and hopefully Laish or Pollard at point guard.

This group does not offer mcuh experience at point guard and Edwards is not as good a perimeter shooter as McAllian. Fraser is more then adequate in the post, that is if Maine gets him the ball more than they did last season.

Allison is a good defensive rebounder. Laish and Pollard have got to provre that they can be adequate point guards.

Cato does give them some additional up front size.