Do You Know What NBA Star Player is N..ow B..olivating A..boutface

The National Basketball Association or more publicly known as the NBA has stood sometimes for “N..ot B..asketball A..nymore”.

However, do you know what NBA star may have changed that meaning for him to “N..ow B..olivating A..boutface” for NBA and US Olympic basketball fans?

Webster’s dictionary’s defintion of the word “aboutface” is “a reveral of position or opinion, to turn or face in the opposite direction”.

That is what this NBA star had to do after his original twitter statement that NBA Players should be paid for playing for the US Olympic Team and then having the player back off and do an “aboutface” like many a politician, to say that he was saying not him, but the other players should be paid.

By immediately changing his mind on his Twitter when negative “heat” came about his statement and then retracting it because of it does not change his original statement and what he said. Did He say what he meant and only did the “Aboutface” when he saw the “heat” coming. It is easy to apologize, but did he really mean it?

In a time when they are making millions of dollars, the economy in the tank for the average Americans, who pay for their salaries in high priced tickets and in buying products that sponsor the NBA on TV, this was not a very good public relations statement for the NBA.

Also, very little of this has been been played up by the national media. In fact, the day it happened, very little if anything was said on ESPN or ESPN2 or any other national radio or TV Networks.

Could we say that the media is in the tank for ths NBA Star by not covering this statement of greed?

He claims he was only speaking for others not for himself, but he and all the NBA players should want to represent their Country in the coming Olympics. They may not get paid, but they certainly gain in the long run with their playing in the Olympics and representing their country.

If they think they should be paid, then don’t participate in the coming Olympics Basketball. As France’s Genral DeGaulle once said. “the Graveyards of France are full of Indispensible Generals”.

The US Olymnpic team can get along quite nicely without this NBA Star player or any other NBA player who thinks that they should be paid to represent their country.

Thgis player should be thankful that he lives in America where he can make millions of dollars in capalistic America playing a game.

I wonder how NBA fans will react when he visits opposing teams arenas for the remaining of the regular season and into the playoffs?

The NBA players are lucky that they can participate in a supposedly amateur event. They were allowed to participate in the 1992 Olympics for the first time.

If you paid Olympic basketball players, then to be fair and not discriminating against the other Olympic teams or individual events then they all should be paid.

This player should be thankful that he was born with a great deal of basketball and athletic ability and not asking to be paid for doing something for his country.

Didn’t President John F. Kennedy ask, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”? Oh yeah, this player probably isn’t a political history buff and he wasn’t born when President Kennedy made that important state,ment to the American People.

This player’s comments must have made NBA Commissioner Paul Stern cringe. Maybe he should consider fining him for his greedy statement, plus his backtracking “aboutface” to say it wasn’t him that wanted to get paid, but that he thought the other players should be paid. Well if the other players got paid, does that mean that this player still wouldn’t take the money?

The NBA charges outrageous ticket prices, has a big monsterous TV Contract, make money off sales of NBA memorabellia and as they complete another strike shortened season, it just makes some of the NBA players look like nothing but greedy and selfish individuals, which some evidently are.

Basketball can be the most selfish team sport that is played in America today. With many players looking out for their individual statistics, especially the scoring stats, as one player goes one on one and 4 other teammates stand around like standing spectators waiting for their turn to go one on one.

I wonder what players he was speaking about in saying that they should be paid? Is he a spokesman for all US Olympic Basketball Team members?

If I were them I would come out and speak against this NBA Star’s statements, but nobody has, so that makes you wonder if he was a spokesman for the future Olympians.

If that is the case the U. S. Basketball Fans should boycott the US OLympic Basketball Team and lobby to put the US Olympic team back to a pure Amateur Venture using college players only and making the basketball in the Olympics for all countries a pure Amateur Event.

Just because he aboutfaced quickly and changed his statement, doesn’t mean he would have retracted his words if nothing had been made of it or if he didn’t take some “heat” for that twitty Twitter.

If a person states something and then says it, then doesn’t that mean that that is actually what he thinks, regardless if they do an “ABOUTFACE”.

THE REASON I DID NOT NAME THIS PLAYER IS SO THAT TO SEE IF YOU KNEW ABOUT HIS STATEMENTS. which means if you don’t know about this, then it shows how fast this statement, the “aboutface” and lack of media coverage it was given because people wanted to cover up the situation.

There are 3 hints in this that should give you a chance to guess who the NBA Player is who made the statement that they should get paid for playing in the Olympics and then had to make a fast “Abootface” and saying he meant that not him but the other players should be paid.

If you are going to back track and do an “aboutface” he should of said he was wrong in saying players should be paid and that nobody in the Olympics should be paid period.