Dunking Should Be Legal in Pre-Game Warmups Because of Potential Players Injuries and Potential Law Suits!

What other sport is it illegal to do something in practice, but legal to do in a game? Only basketball. which allows you to have to do that. Players can dunk during a game but not in pre-game warmups.

The rule should be changed for the safety of the players to either it is illegal to dunk in pre-game warmups then it should be illegal to dunk in a game. If it is legal in a game, which it is, then it should be allowed and legal in pre-game warmups.

One of the biggest reasons for this is the safety of the players.

Hypothetical situation. Player A is not allowed to dunk in pre game warmups. However, the first time he gets the ball in the game he tries to dunk and is seriously injured.

Parents of player hire a smart injury lawyer who files a law suit of negligence against IAABO and the CBOA (College) because the first question the lawyer will ask in court is, “did the player have a chance to properly warmup to dunk in pre-game warmups before the game”.

Answer will be “no” and the reason given will be it is illegal and a technical foul will be called on the player, the technical foul will count as a personsal and team foul and the coach will lose the right to stand in the coaching box for the entire game.. Then the next question asked will be, “why is it illegal to dunk in pre-game warmups”?

The only reason that can be given is that the powers to be feel that it could damage the equipment, the rim or the backboard or both.

Then the lawyer will ask, “then rule implies that it is more important to protect the safety of the equipment then it is the safety of the player”?????????

Case over. Paintiff wins.

The NBA allows its players to dunk in pre0game warmups and now with the breakaway rims there has not been any damage to backboards or rims as there has been in the past.

IAABO and CBOA should change the rule one way or another. Myself, I prefer that the players can dunk in pre-game warmups if they are going to be able to dunk in a game. What do you think?

Will the IAABO and CBOA chnage the rule before there is a law suit or will they wait until “the horse is out of the barn”. If it was me, I would change it one way or another before next season.