CBS’s Kenny Smith’s Prediction of, “If 7′ Withey blocks 4 Kentucky Shots, Kansas Will Win”.

Kenny Smith, one of the panelists and color analyst for CBS last night in the pre-game predictions, said that if Kansas’s 7 footer Withey blocks 4 Kentucky shots then Kansas will win.

Not only did Withey block 4 shots, Kansas still couldn’t win despite the fact that Kentucky’s freshmen sensation 6’10” Anthony Davis was limited to just 6 points on 1 for 10 shooting from the floor and 4 for 6 from the line.

However, Davis showed Kenny and all NCAA Basketball Fans that you can win a MVP Award on a night where you way below average in scoring, but hauled down 16 rebounds (4 offensive), blooked 6 shots and altered numerous other field goal attempts and handed the ball off on ball to the screens for his teammates.

Kansas’s attempt to stop Davis, which they did on scoring, but opened up the outside 3 point shooters and freed up the lane for dribble penetraiion for Davis’s teammates.

Never heard a basketball predicter predict a winner based on the number of blocked shots by a player, especially a low number like4, which Withey did do as he did make 4 block shots just as Smith said.

Charles was right Kentucky would win because they just had better players then Kansas did.