How Many Basketball Games Are Decided by Who is or Who is Not Playing in a Game Because of Foul Trouble??

What other sport is it legal to commit certain things but when you reach either 5 in HS and College or 6 in the Pros you are not allowed to play anymore?

How many games are decided by who is in foul trouble or who has fouled out?

In football, I could hold a player on the opponents 20 times and still stay in the game if my coach allowed me too, but if I do it 5 times in High school and college basketball and 6 times in the NBA I am not allowd to play anymore in the game..

I always liked the old CBA (Continental Basketball league) rule which did not have players foul out. When a player received their 5th foul the coach had a choice. Take the player out of the game and there was no additional penalty, leave the player in the it was two shots and the ball out of bounds at the spot of the foul like for when an intentional foul is called. If the player leaves the game or stays in regardless any foul after that is two shots and the ball out of bounds at the spot of the foul.

This made for some additional coaching strategy:

1. Is the player valuable to keep in the game with the additional penalty of 2 and the ball?

2. Do we play zone to protect the player?

3. Does the offense go right after the player with 6 or more fouls to make them make the decison to lwt the offensive player alone or risk the foul and its severe penalty of 2 and the ball?

If we do not this, then at least add one more personal foul for any additional 8 minutes of time. High school it is 5 fouls in 32 minutes, in college it is 5 for 40 minutes and in the NBA it is 6 for 48 minutes.

It could stay the same in high school, but it should be 6 in college for the additional 8 minutes of play. In the NBA it should be 7 fouls because it is 48 minutes of play.

Too many games are decided at all levels because of foul trouble and fouling out. 2 and the ball is a very big penalty.