Who Do You Like in Tonights Final Four Championship Game K or K?

Which K do you like tonight, John Calipari’s Kentucky Wildcasts or Bill Self’s Kansas Jayhawks? Kentucky would probably beat some lower tier NBA Teams and Kansas might win the developmental leasgue.

Lets hope that the game is better played then both semi-final games. Kansas pulled out its 2nd mirclale comeback finish by beating Ohio State as they did against 1 seed North Carolina. Both teams had 11 point leads and lost to Kansas as the Jayhawkers rallied to win both gamnes and get to the championship game.

Kentucky had to overcome in state bitter rival Louisville and former Kentucky boss Rick Pitino.

Calipari has never won a National NCAA Championship, while Kansas’s Self has.

Kentucky the number one seed in the tournament should win this game, as I don’t think 2 seed Kansas can make it a threesome in miracle comebacks.